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Frequently Asked Questions

Event Facility Directory's Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Event Facility Directory?

The Event Facility and (Associated Services) Directory is an internal, online listing of all approved event vendors. The Directory is available to all educators working in the TDSB’s more than 550 schools.

I’m a vendor who wants to be included in the TDSB’s Directory. What’s the process? 

To begin the process, complete and submit an online application. Your application will then be reviewed by TDSB staff, an operational review of submitted documentation related to insurance, safety standards and contractual requirements.  Once your vendor review is complete and has been approved, your information and applicable forms will be added to the Directory where TDSB staff can access this information to plan events.   

What information and documentation needs to be included in the application?

  • Copies of any applicable licenses
  • Copies contracts and booking forms
  • Copies of emergency and safety plans

What are the fees to be included in the TDSB's Directory?

There is no cost for a basic listing. If you want to showcase your facility, there is a cost and requirement to sign the Directory Terms and Conditions Contract (No modifications are permitted). Please see the payment form for fees.

Once approved what happens?

Your information and applicable forms will be added to the Directory where TDSB staff will be able to access this information to plan their event. Information added includes:

  • Vendor logo
  • Vendor website link
  • Vendor order process and contact information
  • TDSB vendor number
  • Payment process
  • Safety related documents 

What are Associated Services?

An Associated Service vendor can include:

  • DJ Services
  • Catering Services
  • Security Services
  • Bar Services

Can I apply to provide Associated Services?

Yes. Some Event Facilities include their services with the facility rental. While others do not, and require a school to select separate associated service providers.