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TDSB Charter for Active, Safe and Sustainable Transportation

TDSB Charter for Active, Safe and Sustainable Transportation

Students and staff get to and from school every day by walking, cycling, mobility devices, and many other forms of human-powered transportation. Research shows that those who use active and sustainable modes of transportation experience benefits to mental and physical health and well-being, are better prepared to learn and work and are more connected to their communities. At the TDSB we support and promote safe, active, and sustainable transportation and our charter reflects the principles of Ontario’s Foundation for a Healthy School.

Charter for Active, Safe and Sustainable Transportation 

The TDSB will:

  • invest resources to support active, safe and sustainable transportation to and from school, including efforts made within the school itself;
  • identify and remove barriers to getting to and from school actively by partnering with stakeholders to work as a coordinated team;
  • connect students' active transportation to and from school to their learning in health, environmental, technological, and physical education, and other curriculum areas;
  • collaborate with internal and external partners to facilitate the implementation of school travel plans and road safety education along with other measures to expand on existing programs within schools and;
  • increase students' overall physical activity and mental health through positive interactions with peers, parents, and staff.

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