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Services We Provide - Speech Language Pathology

Services We Provide

  • Consultation
  • Assessment of Speech, Language, Fluency, Voice, Literacy, Social and Functional Communication Skills
  • Classroom Based Programming
  • Assistance with IEP development and SEA Claims
  • Home Programming
  • Specific Assignments
  • Intervention Programs
  • In-services and Workshops
  • Referral to CCAC and other community agencies

**The focus of Speech-Language Pathology Services is early intervention.  We work primarily with students with significant oral language difficulties from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3. Availability of service is limited for middle and secondary age students. Please discuss any concerns with your school’s SLP.

Provision of Speech and Language Services in Schools

The roles, responsibilities and services provided by the School Board Speech-Language Pathologist and Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) Speech-Language Pathologist differ considerably because they are funded by different Ministries according to the Ontario Ministry of Education Policy/Program Memorandum No. 81. Please see below for a brief description of their respective roles/responsibilities/services.

School Board Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Employee of TDSB.
  • Receives referral for all speech, language and communication needs.
  • Provides consultation & recommendations to school staff and parents.
  • Screens students for CCAC eligibility and makes referrals as appropriate.

CCAC Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Employee of an outside agency funded by the Ministry of Health.
  • Receives referral from School Board Speech-Language Pathologist through intake coordinator.
  • Provides services for moderate-severe articulation, stuttering and voice.