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Enhancing Equity Task Force

The TDSB’s Enhancing Equity Task Force is focused on improving the learning and well-being of each and every student by understanding and mitigating – or removing – the barriers of social and economic inequity.

The Enhancing Equity Task Force evolved out of the Inner City Task Force, launched more than a decade ago to establish the Model Schools for Inner Cities program. The name change signifies a broader approach to the full range of issues related to social and economic inequity throughout the city.


This collaborative effort between the TDSB and the communities it works with is an opportunity to bring people together, learn from each other and explore what’s working, what isn’t and how to improve it. The Task Force seeks to understand and respond to new insights, challenges and opportunities that will impact the entire Board.


The four primary responsibilities of the Task Force are:

  • Assessing the TDSB’s efforts over the last 10 years to address the impact of poverty, race and class;
  • Examining TDSB and partner programs related to student achievement and well-being;
  • Exploring and assessing best practices in similar organizations; and,
  • Developing focused recommendations for next steps to improve equity and engagement.

To do this, the Task Force will take the following steps:

  • Launch four Task Force Working Groups, one for each Learning Centre. Membership will include staff, trustees, community advisory committee members, parents, local agencies, youth, union and TSSA representatives and academics.
  • Audit all programs, services and activities delivered in schools that are intended to enhance equity for all students.
  • Engage parents and community members through a series of public meetings designed to gather ideas for enhancing equity for each and every TDSB student.
  • Consult the public on the emerging trends and draft recommendations (developed following the three previous activities) to inform a final report.

The TDSB’s long-standing commitment to equity has led to a vision for learning where achievement and well-being are directly tied to equity. Together, these coordinated and community-based approaches will ensure a positive, system response that benefits each and every TDSB student.


The Enhancing Equity Task Force is bringing together the TDSB and its communities to discover the courageous and bold steps the TDSB must now take to further enhance equity within the Board and its communities. This will be a remarkable opportunity to work across the whole system together. An opportunity to build new relationships and learn and grow with each other as we work on these challenges together.