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Young Women On The Move

Young Women on the Move

Young Women on the Move (YWM) is a powerful TDSB mentorship initiative for girls in Grades 3-12.  Building on existing mentorship programs for girls, YWM empowers girls to become agents of positive change.  YWM is a growing network of socially conscious young women supported by meaningful relationships with a strong community of mentors.

About YWM

At TDSB, we believe that every student can be successful in school.  We’ve heard from many female students about the unique learning challenges they face in school.  That’s why supporting girls and young women is a key priority at the TDSB. Research tells us that when girls and young women…

  • have a caring adult
  • have a place where they feel connected to school
  • have a “space” where they can talk about their world
  • are engaged in relevant social action activities 

…They are more successful in school.


Young Women on the Move (YWM) will empower girls to be agents of change utilizing confidence and courage to create a caring and positive world.


  • Increase the awareness of issues relevant to young women
  • Create spaces for young women to dialogue
  • Foster healthy interpersonal relationships leading to social and academic success
  • Keep young women engaged in and connected to school
  • Proactively involve young women in social justice activities
  • Empower young women to be agents of change
  • Actively partner with community agencies and parents

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