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Census Publications

Census Portraits

The Census Portraits: Understanding Our Students Backgrounds are a series of six-page reports based on the latest Toronto District School Board’s (TDSB) Student and Parent Census (2011-12). The series is made up of 12 individual Portraits – eight on the major ethno-racial groupings, and the remaining four on gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and Special Education Needs.  Each Portrait examines the sub-group differences within an identified grouping by describing and comparing the background, experiences in and outside of school, health, emotional well-being, self-perceptions and achievement levels of students of each sub-group. The purpose is to provide a better understanding of the similarities and differences among the various sub-groups within the TDSB population so that interventions can be more targeted to ensure the needs of all students are addressed effectively and equitably. 

Census Portraits: 2011-12 Student and Parent Census 

Special Publications:



Census Portraits: Student Census (2006) and Parent Census (2008)

Census Reports and Fact Sheets

2016-2017 Student and Parent Census

2011-12 Student and Parent Census

Fact Sheet 1 - Demographics
Fact Sheet 2 - Emotional Well-Being Part 1
Fact Sheet 3 - Emotional Well-Being Part 2
Fact Sheet 4 - Physical Activity/Screen Time
Fact Sheet 5 - In School Experiences
Fact Sheet 6 - Relationships at School
Fact Sheet 7 - School Safety
Fact Sheet 8 - Homework Habits
Fact Sheet 9 - Eating Habits and Nutrition
Fact Sheet 10 - Self-Perceptions
Fact Sheet 11 - Out-of-school Experiences
Fact Sheet 12 - Parent Involvement

technical report (2014) outlines the methodology, implementation, data processing, and reporting of the Student and Parent Census. 

2006 Student Census and 2008 Parent Census

PARENT CENSUS, Kindergarten-Grade 6: System Overview And Detailed Findings: The findings from this report include the demographic profile of the JK to Grade 6 population, patterns of achievement related to demographic factors, parent perceptions of their child's in school and out of school experiences, and demographic differences related to experiences in and outside of school.

STUDENT CENSUS: Correlations Of School Experience With Student Demographics And Achievement:Using TDSB 2006 Student Census data and 2006-07 student achievement data, this report examines Grades 7 to 8 and Grades 9 to 12 students' school experiences by their demographic backgrounds and the correlations of their school experiences with their academic achievement.

STUDENT CENSUS, Grades 7-12: System Overview: This overview reports the findings from the 2006 Student Census. It includes the demographic profile of the Grade 7 to 12 population and student experiences in school and outside of school.

STUDENT CENSUS Linking Demographic Data With Student Achievement Data: This report includes patterns in Grades 7 to 10 student achievement (elementary report card, Grade 9 cohort subject completion and credit accumulation, and first-time eligible Grade 10 achievement in the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) and demographic information from the 2006 Student Census.

Fact Sheet (PDF)