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Brand Hub

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You may have noticed we have a fresh look for our brand. It’s on our public website, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and you’ll start to see it incorporated into our corporate materials.



Our refreshed brand identity focuses on being approachable, student-centred and unified. This is an important opportunity for us to create a strong, positive and cohesive culture.

So what’s changed?

To open up design options, we’ve built on our name and created a wordmark that allows us to expand the TDSB colour palette and fonts. The introduction of these elements will create a more unified, professional look. There has been no change to the apple logo; it’s how people recognize us and it’s part of our system. 


Why do we need a new visual identity?
We are a vibrant, dynamic organization and we need a modern brand to reflect that. Our apple logo is more than a decade old and the two-colour palette and flat design was limiting as the basis of design and brand. The new visual identity gives us a more unified, professional look and offers an energetic and flexible design that works with all levels of communication as well as celebrates our ambitious, confident and caring approach to education.

Will everything across the Board have the new brand on it?
Yes. As our logo is the apple, it will continue to be our primary identifier on schools, buildings, trucks and letterhead. You’ll see the new look and feel immediately on all of our social media tools (the website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) and in design and production.