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Many School Councils participate or organize community events (such as fun fairs, socials and reunions) that are not under the control of the school board. In these situations, the Board’s liability policy may not provide protection to the School Council, its members, or volunteers acting on behalf of the School Council. As such, it is important to ensure that your School Council has appropriate coverage in place to protect the Council, its members, and its volunteers accordingly.

Premium: (Plus 8% Ontario Sales Tax)

  • School Council Insurance Coverage - $160 Per Council ($2,000,000 limit) / $260 Per Council ($5,000,000 limit)
  • Sexual Abuse Coverage - $50 Per Council ($2,000,000 limit / $5,000,000 limit not available) *Optional
  • Host Liquor Liability Coverage - $60 Per Council ($2,000,000 limit) / $90 Per Council ($5,000,000 limit) *Optional
  • Additional Crime Coverage - $50,000 Limit - $25 Per Council / $100,000 Limit - $50 Per Council *Optional
  • To purchase coverage, please complete the School Council Insurance Request Form and return back to

    For policy coverage, risk management or claims related questions, or if you would like to purchase additional coverage extensions, contact: