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The Arts

TDSB students performing a play

Making refugee stories come alive: Lawrence Heights Middle School

The purpose of every dramatic performance is to entertain, but the students and staff at Lawrence Heights Middle School made sure to educate and change perceptions when they performed their annual spring production ‘A Chamada’ (The Call) A Wake for Refugees.



The Arts at the TDSB: Flourishing, Thriving, and Resilient

At the TDSB, there is something for everybody in The Arts! Arts education is an essential part of school for students of all ages and we are proud to have some of the most dynamic programming and sought-after programs and schools in the country. Whether dance, drama, media arts, visual arts or music, the TDSB provides students with an incredible variety of options and the opportunity to learn from creative and dedicated staff.artwork-large-homepage

Through The Arts, students learn to think imaginatively, identify and solve problems, empathize with others, think critically, communicate effectively and appreciate the skills and accomplishments of others. Programs and courses in The Arts provide the tools for understanding, expressing, representing, creating and communicating with others and provide learning experiences that engage students’ hearts, minds and bodies.

The Arts is an essential part of every student’s education and at the Toronto District School Board, we are committed to ensuring that all students have access to exceptional Arts programming. Equity of access is a major commitment of the Board and we continually review programs and teaching strategies in elementary and secondary schools to ensure that a strong curriculum is being delivered in all areas and serving all students in the best way possible.

Learn more about the TDSB’s vibrant Arts programs, specialized schools, and other opportunities: