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The Toronto District School Board is proud of the great things that happen in our classrooms each and every day and is committed to providing all of our students with the supports they need to achieve the highest levels of academic and personal success.

Our Years of Action 2013-2017 plan outlines how we will direct and align our resources to support student achievement and well-being. Mental health and well-being is essential to student success and achievement which is why it is a clear priority for our schools.

Student mental health and well-being belongs to everyone and by focusing our actions on decreasing stigma and increasing understanding and awareness, we are confident that students, parents, and TDSB staff will be better able to identify concerns and know what to do when they, or someone they know, needs help.

As we enter into year three of the plan, we can reflect on all of the outstanding work that has been accomplished to date. Most schools are engaged in anti-stigma initiatives, staff have been provided with the tools and resources they need to promote student mental health and well-being and schools have developed local mental health plans, that include a “Caring Adult” program.

This year, we will be focusing our efforts on developing training modules to support staff and students in dealing with depression and mood. In addition, we will see a focus on understanding mental health and well-being as it pertains to specific populations, such as Early Years, Aboriginal and LGBTQI. Students as champions of positive mental health, engaged parents and committed partners will continue to support and impact our collective efforts in making our schools mentally healthy for everyone.

TDSB students are fortunate to benefit from a range of mental health and wellness supports that have existed for many years and we are confident that the four-year strategic plan for creating Healthy Schools. Healthy Relationships. will help to create a culture where mental health and well-being is integrated into every aspect of our students’ school experience.

Student mental health and well-being impacts everyone and belongs to each of us. The TDSB accepts fully our responsibility in this area as demonstrated by our bold and deliberate actions that will be felt in every school. The students, families and staff deserve nothing less, and our determination to make a difference has never been greater.