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Child Care Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I find a school with a child care program?

  2. You can use the City of Toronto Child Care Locator to find programs that are located in your local school or neighbourhood. Contact child care centres directly, as far in advance as possible, to get on a wait list.

  3. I have been on the wait list for the child care at my child’s school and I cannot get a spot. What are my options?
    Consider getting your name on more than one wait list and call regularly to confirm your interest. You may consider home-licensed child care agencies serving your community as they may be able to secure additional providers based on community demand. Often, community-based child cares walk children to the neighbourhood school, so expand your search.
  4. If I am out of district but registered in the child care at the school. Can my child register in the school? 
    Students enrolled in school-based licensed child care centres have the option of attending the school in which the child care is located where there is no access to, or available space, in licensed child cares feeding into their local school.

    Students withdrawn from the child care centre may be required to return to their local school, as determined by home address, or apply to remain at the current school via the Optional Attendance process.
  5. My child is going into Full-Day Kindergarten. How will I know if there is a before- and after- care program?
    Please speak to the school’s Office Administrator or the school Principal for details about the availability of a before-and-after care program. If there is a program on-site, they will refer you to the third party provider.
  6. I need before- and after- care for my child in Full-Day Kindergarten. If there is not enough interest from families in order to start a new program, where can I get childcare?
    You can use the City of Toronto Child Care Locator to find other programs that are located in your local school or neighbourhood. Contact child care centres directly as far in advance as possible to get on a wait list.
  7. I have concerns about my child care program. Who do I talk to?
    The Toronto Children's Services Client Liaison Consultant can help resolve your concerns, address complaints and appeal decisions about eligibility for fee subsidy. You can contact them at 416-397-1262.