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Program Resources

Child Care and Before-and After-School Program Resources

In alignment with P.022 Early Learning & Care Policy  the TDSB supports more than 370 independently operated, fee-based child care and before-and after-school programs in our schools. These programs serve children from birth to age twelve, though ages served varies by location.


This web page provides resources and information to schools, child cares and before-and after-school programs in the TDSB to support a collaborative approach to support early years programs in schools.  

Ministry of Education: Before-and-After School Programs Kindergarten – Grade 6

Policies and Guidelines for School Boards 

Since the introduction of  Full-Day Kindergarten in 2010, the Ministry of Education has directed that school boards develop Full-Day Kindergarten Before-and-After School programs where there is sufficient demand. 
As of September 2017, the Education Act was amended and school boards are now responsible for providing Before-and-After School programs for children age 6-12 years (in addition to Full-Day Kindergarten) where there is sufficient demand and viability. 
For more information on the Board's mandate, please refer to the Ministry of Education's Before-and-After School Programs Kindergarten – Grade 6 Policies and Guidelines for School Boards

Child Care Resource Manual 
The Child Care Resource Manual (2015 Edition) is intended to serve as a repository of relevant information related to child care in TDSB schools. The purpose of the Child Care Resource Manual is to gather all information relevant to policies, procedures and practices, and to strengthen the links between child care programs and school programs in order to provide a seamless experience for children and families. We strongly recommend that you visit Board’s website on a regular basis to find the most current version of this manual. 

Tenant Work Request Guideline & Forms
Child care tenants who need to request maintenance work or a tenant-funded improvement project from Facility Services, can consult the Tenant Work Requests guideline. If you require routine maintenance or repair, the head caretaker will submit a notification to Facility Services on your behalf. However, if the work is a tenant-funded improvement project, a Facilities Work Request form or Viability Review Request form must be completed. Your head caretaker and facilities team leader can help you identify which form needs to be completed.

Indigenous Cultural Competency – Resources
Below are resources to support educators in developing indigenous cultural competency: