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Student Transportation FAQs

FAQs - Student Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My child attends a regular program. Are they eligible for transportation in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5?
    If your child is attending their designated school and your home address is 1.6 km or more from the school, your child may be eligible for school bus transportation.

  2. My child attends a school outside the attendance area. Are they eligible for transportation?
    Unless your child is attending their designated French immersion school or placed at another school by the TDSB, your child is not eligible for transportation.

  3. One of my children is approved to ride the school bus, but my other child is not eligible for transportation. Can my other child also ride the bus?
    If there is space on the bus, speak to your Principal about making an empty seat request.

  4. My child is in Grade 6 and I feel they’re too young to ride the TTC. Can bus service be extended for another year
    The TDSB provides bus service only up to Grade 5, however, if there is space available, your Principal may support an empty seat request from an existing stop at the end of September. 

  5. My child has been approved to receive TTC tickets. How do we pick them up
    Each school has their own method of administering TTC tickets. Please contact your Principal.

  6. My child’s application for transportation has been denied. What are my options?
    If you feel that the transportation policy still entitles your child to transportation, you may write an appeal letter to the Operations Manager at If your appeal is denied, you will receive a written letter from the Transportation department indicating why your child does not fall within our transportation policy. Your appeal may be escalated to an Appeal Committee where a final decision is made.

  7. What is the closest bus stop to my home?
    You can find your stop on our route maps which are located in the office of your school or on the Toronto Student Transportation Group website.