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School Council Funds

School Council Funds

The School Council Financial Guide provides information around School Council financial policies and procedures, KEV School Cash Online accounting and reporting options, and instructions around donations and tax receipting.

School Generated Funds Guidelines - Outlines how fundraising can and cannot be spent in the TDSB.

School Cash Online - The Toronto District School Board has launched School Cash Suite, an easy to use, safe and convenient way for parents/guardians to pay for their children’s school fees, including agendas, yearbooks and class trips. If your School Council is interested, please contact your school Principal.

The Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) template is a required annual report for all councils who engage in fundraising activities.

School Council Financial Plan and School Needs Assessment Form  is a required annual plan for all School Councils who engage in fundraising activities (Due on Oct 31 of each year). 


School Council Financial Information Session

School generated funds are funds that are raised and collected in the name of the school, managed by school staff or School Councils.  It is important that all TDSB staff and School Council members with financial responsibilities obtain thorough understanding of the Board’s school generated funds financial protocols, in order to promote strong internal controls and transparency in financial reporting.  The TDSB School Council Financial Information Webinar below will provide guidance around:

  • School Budgets and funding available to School Councils
  • Annual School Generated Funds Plan
  • Eligible versus ineligible uses of school generated funds
  • Cash handling protocols and use of TDSB forms
  • School Council annual reporting requirements
  • How School Councils can use the School Cash Online system

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If you have any questions regarding the webinar or its contents, please contact the Finance Support team at


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