Toronto District School Board
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Action Plan

Every member of a school community has responsibility for promoting and protecting each other’s human rights. Here is some of the work we are doing in the coming months to support this important work.



Ongoing Professional Learning in Indigenous Education and Truth and Reconciliation

Fall 2022 –


Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement

Offer Black Studies courses, professional learning menu for educators (Positive Racial Identity series), resources, courses for educators on Addressing Anti-Black Racism and launching of the first Addressing Anti-Black Racism Additional Qualification for educators

February 2022-ongoing

Professional Learning on Antisemitism with Senior Team (Bernie Farber & Len Rudner) with plans for further offerings in March/April

January 2022 –


Discussion with Parents of Black Children

February 2022

Panel Discussion Centring the Multiplicities of Muslim Identities and Experiences in Education with Senior Team with plans for further offerings in March/April

February 2022 –


The Urban Indigenous Education Centre to continue to develop curriculum resources on Anti-Indigenous Racism

February 2022 – Ongoing

Curriculum resource Addressing Hate and Racism in Schools on internal Equity, Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression website and external Building Critical Consciousness website.

February 2022 – Ongoing

Learning Network/Learning Centre Writing Teams established & Training begins

March 1 – March 12, 2022

Launch a Student ThoughtExchange on Racism, Hate and Bias

March 21, 2022

Professional Learning Courses - Anti-Asian Racism, Understanding Judaism and Jewish Cultures and Understanding Islam and Muslim Cultures

Courses Begin March 28 – March 30, 2022

Request to Present to the Parent Involvement Advisory Committee

March or April 2022

Provide Supports for Secondary Schools Offering the Genocide Course, Black Studies Courses, Indigenous English Courses in Schools (e.g., professional learning, resources)

March 28 – June 2022

Liberation75 Holocaust Education Opportunities for Staff

April 2022

EnVision Conference for elementary and secondary 2SLGBTQiS students and their allies

March 29 and March 30, 2022

Resource for Building Critical Consciousness and Extending Student Learning – Palestinian Identities

May 2022