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Child and Youth Services

Child and Youth Services

PSS logoChild and Youth Services staff have been an integral part of Toronto Schools for over 20 years and are now a part of Professional Support Services at the Toronto District School Board. Child & Youth Workers and Child & Youth Counsellors are part of the multidisciplinary team providing services to enhance school performance and improve academic achievement.

With over 250 staff, we are able to provide support to many students in a wide variety of educational settings. Child & Youth Services staff can be found throughout the school system working in collaboration with other educational professionals including:

  • Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Administrators
  • Guidance Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech-Language Pathologists

Child and Youth Services Staff report directly to the Principal of their school or program for operational matters. They report to the Manager of Child and Youth Services for professional matters. The Manager and Supervising Principals work together to ensure adequate support and supervision is provided.

For more information please contact the Manager of Child and Youth services, Christine Gaitens at 416-396-9198

Child and Youth Counsellors

Child and Youth Counsellors work to promote the social and emotional growth of students to maximize educational opportunities. In addition to assisting students in the acquisition and maintenance of academic, communication, social and personal management skills, Child and Youth Counsellors provide group and individual short term goal-oriented intervention/conflict resolution counselling.

Child and Youth Counsellors address issues with students including those related to healthy relationships, attendance, bullying and victimization, academic requirements, and family needs. Child and Youth Counsellors work in high schools, middle schools, alternative schools, and the Caring and Safe Schools department. 

Child and Youth Workers

Child and Youth Workers provide behaviour management programs to identified individuals or groups of students of all ages. They focus on behavioural, social and emotional development with attention to communication, personal management and social skill acquisition. Child and Youth Workers also respond as needs arise, addressing issues such as friendship difficulties, classroom expectations, and inappropriate behaviour with life space interventions.

Child and Youth Workers can be found in elementary and secondary schools assigned to classrooms designed to support students on the Autism spectrum, students with exceptional behavioural needs and students needing support and assistance to meet their academic goals. Services are provided to identified groups and individual students while an effort is made to enrich the school community.

The specific schools and programs include Caring and Safe Schools, Alternative and Year Round Schools, the Kindergarten Intervention Program, Itinerant Behaviour Teams and the ASD Team.