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Long-Term Program and Accommodation Strategy

Long-Term Program and Accommodation Strategy

The Long-Term Program and Accommodation Strategy (LTPAS) is an important strategic document that helps the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) plan for the future in a dynamic environment by identifying program and accommodation studies to be conducted over a ten-year period.  

The strategy, which was first approved in 2014 and is refreshed and approved annually by the Board of Trustees, takes into consideration different factors such as:

  • demographic changes
  • actual and projected enrolment
  • programs offered at each school
  • equity of opportunities
  • access to programs
  • good distribution and utilization of schools

Hundreds of new residential units are being built in Toronto every day, resulting in demographic changes and substantial pressure on critical public infrastructure such as schools, public transit and roads. The LTPAS enables the TDSB to coordinate studies throughout the city to balance enrolments among over-utilized and under-utilized schools, and increase access to programs for all students.

Types of Accommodation Reviews

The LTPAS includes several types of accommodation studies that could lead to formal reviews, many of which involve community engagement.

Program Priorities

As a diverse system with approximately 246,000 students, it is essential that students see themselves reflected in their schools and their learning. Building innovation in the program area and developing program priorities is an evolving process that supports what students need to be successful both at school and beyond.

Equity of access and opportunity, fair distribution of specialized schools and programs, and program viability continue to be drivers that underpin the work done in the program area. 

The five program priorities which represent major areas of focus for the entire system: