Toronto District School Board
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Timeline and Consultations

Timelines and Consultations

  1. Spring 2020
    • Ideas for Optional Attendance Policy to be presented to Governance and Policy Committee
    • Interim report presented to Committee of the Whole 
    • Interim report moves to Board of Trustees for approval
  2. March 2020
  3. February 2020
    • Ongoing consultations
  4. January 2020
  5. December 2019
    • Ongoing consultations
  6. November 2019
  7. October 2019
  8. September 2019
    • Started public consultation meetings on the Secondary Program Review and Optional Attendance Policy
  9. June 2019

Consultations – Who We’ve Connected With!

  • The public – through ward forums, web chats, emails, surveys and more!
  • Principals from technical and commercial schools, specialized schools, Special Education congregated schools, adult day schools, specialized programs and schools, regular secondary schools and more!
  • Unions and Federations
  • Community Advisory Committees
  • Parent Involvement Advisory Committee and Special Education Advisory Committee
  • School Council Chairs
  • Students, including Student Senate and Indigenous students, and a variety of students through an online survey
  • Staff in all key areas of the Board, including Planning and Leadership, Learning and School Improvement
  • Trustees