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English and Literacy

English and Literacy

The Ontario English Curriculum

Language is the most powerful tool your child has for developing ideas and insights, for giving shape to their experiences, and for making sense of their world and its possibilities. The Toronto District School Board identifies the development of literacy as a priority, and is committed to providing the support necessary for all learners to attain their highest level of literacy at each stage of their education.

The goal of TDSB secondary schools is to support high-quality learning that is dedicated to developing the knowledge and skills on which literacy is based. The English curriculum is a skills-based curriculum that outlines the expected skills in the areas of listening and speaking, reading, writing, and viewing and representing.  For specific information related to your child’s grade level, please visit the Ministry of Education’s website for the secondary English Curriculum.

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

This assessment evaluates the literacy skills students are expected to have learned across all subjects up to the end of Grade 9. Each question on every assessment is based directly on the Ontario Curriculum, which is what students are learning in our classrooms every day.

The following information is available for parents:
Getting Ready Guide
Planning and Preparation Guide
Guide to the two EQAO Assessments in Secondary School (available in multiple languages)

Sample OSSLT

The sample test is a complete test in the same order and with the same instructions as an actual test. The use of the sample test provides parents and students with a test similar in length  and format to the one provided during the actual day of the test.  These booklets illustrate the types of reading and writing items (questions and prompts) that students will encounter. 

Additional Resources for Parents

Find answers to frequently asked questions / Discover quick and easy tips that will help your child's learning.

Education and Career/Life Planning

Education and career/life planning helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices for their education, career and life outside school. Students get a chance to learn more about themselves and their opportunities, set goals and make plans to achieve them. This program helps students choose the courses and activities that support their goals and interests.

For more information:
Sylvie Webb, Program Coordinator, English/Literacy