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Elementary School Events and Activities

Elementary School Events and Activities

Based on input from principals, superintendents, trustees and parents, the TDSB’s Labour Contingency Committee has developed plans with regards to elementary school activities and events amid the ongoing elementary teacher job action. While the TDSB cannot anticipate every event or activity, after considerable discussion, the committee developed the following guiding principles and directions that decisions are to be based on:

Guiding Principles

  • The TDSB acknowledges the value of activities happening outside of the classroom, however given that students have lost instructional time over past weeks, student learning activities in the classroom will be prioritized until job actions have ended.

  • During ongoing job actions, all staff will maintain a primary focus on student safety and learning in our schools. Principals/Vice Principals and other staff who are not under sanctions cannot be asked to facilitate all activities during the day that might have happened previously. When appropriate support from volunteers is present, principals may decide to continue these activities. When such support is not available, principals may not be able to support these activities continuing.

Specific Directions

  • Where an activity takes place during instructional time and teachers will be present to supervise and the activity is related to delivery of curriculum, the activity can continue. The operation of these events cannot be in contravention of the sanctions of any employee group.

  • Where the activity or program is outside of instructional time and others are able to support (e.g. pizza lunches, nutrition programs, milk programs, etc.), the activity or program can continue, however cannot place additional demands on those staff who are not part of labour sanctions.

  • Before school and evening activities and events organized as School Council sponsored activities and events are to be postponed or cancelled. Please note that we are not advising School Councils to formally book school permits if they wish to hold an event. However, under Policy 011: Community Use of Board Facilities, members of the public, including school councils, may apply to use school space through our permitting department. Such permits do not require the attendance of a school administrator.

  • The planning of fun fairs/spring fairs can continue. Please keep in mind that due to uncertainty about ongoing job actions, any financial commitment should be made with great caution and consideration given to cancellation/refund policies. The planning of these activities should not require the involvement of the principal or other staff.

  • Ward Forums and School Council meetings may continue and can involve outside speakers and presentations. If these meetings occur on a strike day, they should be postponed or relocated to a school that is not affected by sanctions.