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Equitable and Inclusive Education

Equitable and Inclusive Education

Every day staff at the TDSB work to support the uniqueness and diversity of students. We strive to make you and our staff feel welcome and accepted in your school so that you can be successful and reach your full potential regardless of your background or personal circumstances.

Ask questions of the Equitable and Inclusive Schools team and find out how fairness, equity, and inclusion are integrated into daily life at school. Through several policies and procedures staff work directly with a diverse student population to make sure all students succeed.

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For further information about how we support our students please go to Gender-Based Violence and Prevention and Caring and Safe Schools.

Read our Guidelines and Procedures for Religious Accommodations.

Want to find out how to get involved? Become an engaged student.

Learn more about how we teach social justice at the TDSB.

Wonder what you can do if you have concerns or feel excluded? Read about the supports that we offer.

Want to learn how we incorporate inclusive curriculum into our schools? Read the Equity Foundation Statement.