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Special Education

Special Education & Inclusion

Our Vision for Special Education

At the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) we believe in equity and inclusion. We welcome and support all students with special education needs within well-resourced neighborhood schools. The TDSB is committed to ensuring that all students learn in a supportive and inclusive environment where all voices are valued and heard.

We are committed to make, where possible, facilities fully accessible to students, families, staff and community members.

Every year, we review and update our Special Education Plan to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our students. This includes reviewing current practices, planning for professional learning and forming and maintaining important partnerships.

To learn more about Special Education please read the TDSB Special Education Plan, or visit the Ontario Ministry of Education website. 


We believe that inclusive education provides more opportunities for all students.

Our schools allow students to:

  • participate and be included as fully as possible in all classrooms and school activities,
  • be valued as individuals for their unique contributions to school life,
  • be supported to reach their full potential,
  • enjoy a safe and secure learning environment.

The TDSB released a research report titled, A Case for Inclusive Education, which highlights the benefits of adopting an inclusive education model, particularly for students with special education needs.

Placement in a regular class with appropriate special education supports is always the first consideration for students. However, we recognize that regular class placement is not for all students and some students may have needs that require more intensive support.

We work with parents to determine the most appropriate supports and enabling environment for their child. In some cases, it may be determined that a student’s needs will be best met in a special education class. Our goal is to provide these intensive programs and supports equitably across the TDSB.